77595 - Transcription Podcast With US #61: The depth of Perfection

Ν. Lygeros

In this podcast we want to talk about perfection. Perfection with its ontology and of course its teleology. The point is the following: perfection is not the end, it’s beyond the end. So, perfection can be considered as an object, an idea which is endless. So the point is that perfection is not a terminal situation. It can be in fact the starting point of endless. So, we could say that perfection can be in a relation with infinite. If we see this in the framework of Cantor, we know that we have many infinites, not only one. But the point here is not at the mathematical level, it just says that “do not imagine that perfection is the end of a process, it’s just the beginning of the next one”. So perfection can have evolution. Perfection is not perfectible but perfection, as it is endless, can have even more perfection, a big perfection. So in fact, the first one is the smallest one which has already something which is universal  but is not the end, it’s just the first step after the end of imperfection. So don’t see perfection as the end but as the beginning after the end. And this point of view is in fact very effective and is very useful also in strategy because it clarifies that strategy belongs to the future, but uses the past to create the present. So especially in this language we can say that the present is a gift of the future to the past and this is perfection.