77506 - China: From the empire of the center to the center of the world

N. Lygeros

The evolution of communist China was predictable but nobody wanted to see that this country had a vision beyond even the Second Soviet Union. There will be no mercy in this new conflict. China has always seen itself as the empire of the center but at a certain level this position was all inclusive. Even the worst scenario was always taking place in the country. Of course this doesn’t mean that sometimes China wasn’t outside of that framework. We saw it in Korea, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in Laos and in Taiwan.  But for China it was always a kind of buffer zone. Now the things are totally different. From the empire of the center, we are talking about the center of the world. Because China was to be the first State. Its population is no more sufficient as a characteristic. China wants to be the first power in the world and in many fields i.e. artificial intelligence, space, nuclear power, economy, army. China is about to create a moyo on the goban. And we will need the warriors of Mankind to stop this before it’s too late for this century.