77487 - Rest in peace

N. Lygeros

It may not be so obvious to you but peace is also related to death. But just imagine the following example. Imagine that you rest in peace in the cemetery of your choice. And after your death there is an invasion and your cemetery is now in occupied territories. Will it be ok for you? And now imagine that people which are warriors of Mankind resist to this occupation and go to the cemetery to restore your destructed tomb. Will you be fine or it doesn’t matter for you? We mean by that the following. The fact that your death will be in peace but without freedom, will it be important for you or you don’t care? Because if it’s already a problem in this extreme case, imagine the same if you are alive. And now make your choice. Do you prefer the occupation or the resistance to the oppression? Do you prefer slavery in peace or freedom in war. You still have the choice now. That’s why have rest but stay free.