77482 - The love of freedom

N. Lygeros

It’s easy to see that peace can produce a religion but no faith. Every society can create its own peace but not freedom because its foundation is the negation of any system of barbarity. Freedom needs love. It’s insufficient to like it. But you can like peace with a problem. You don’t need anything else. When you use the notions of like or dislike, you are never at the level of love. In reality, love has a transcended part. It’s not a question of existence but of essence. And this one is related to passion. It’s not just a desire. And the difference is the duration. With that point of view freedom lives in chronostrategy. It has a width in time but peace is just a question of moment. Peace is the interruption of war. In fact it lives between two wars. But freedom is still alive in the war. By the way, freedom can be a vision which supports faith even when everything seems impossible. And the reason is simple. Freedom is unbreakable. On the other side, peace breaks so easily that it’s impossible to construct on it. Peace is an unstable equilibrium. And freedom is far away from equilibrium.