77480 - No option, just freedom

N. Lygeros

When you hear for the first time about peace it’s obvious, at least at the first glance, that’s something positive or even precious. But it’s a trap. Of course you need deep history to realize that every dictatorship loves peace. At the beginning it’s a shock but after a while, you start to understand that in fact it’s not a value and certainly not of Mankind but just a principle at the level of societies. And the worst is that peace is compatible with slavery. Think about it. The choice of a slave is always the death or the freedom but never the peace. You can live in the jail of peace but this is impossible for us. You can choose your slavery state but it’s unthinkable for us. And the reason is simple. We are warriors of Mankind, nothing less. So for us it’s no option. We want just freedom and nothing else. Because if we are free we can do what we want. It’s just a question of Time, to create the next reality. That’s why the real problem comes from the acceptation of peace as the only relevant system for societies. This system works against Mankind. If it’s difficult to see it, just open your eyes on nazism and communism.