77618 - Transcription of Podcast WITH US #59: Analysis of the Novel – The sacred freedom Part IV The Miracle of Faith

Ν. Lygeros

So we are now at the level of the miracle of faith.

Only believers could see the miracle of faith. We were alone like the sun in the sky, you see this uniqueness, but our faith was powerful and we saw the miracle. All our enemies wanted to annihilate us but at the end of their subversive attack they were destroyed. They never respected the Old City.

It was again the point in the beginning of the novel. In fact, they had it occupied for nineteen years. So we are talking about occupation, occupied territories this is an example of real occupied territories.

They didn’t see its light and they didn’t love it. In fact they where there just as a place not because it is a symbol but because they were after and they want to be there forever even if the past was different. Their aim was to erase our existence. Their goal was our death. But the miracle of faith changed everything. We liberated the whole Old City without severe damage.

This is a real miracle. We won not because it was our duty but because we were obliged to avoid a new genocide. Our existence was a problem for all our enemies and our lives became the solution.

You see the opposition the problem for the others, the solution for us and in fact we use also this word against the final solution. We did what we had to do even if we didn’t know it at the beginning of their attack. We became the fingers of light and our hand liberated the wall of our temple. So we are talking about the temple the symbolic temple and we’re talking about of course the wall. Now it’s obvious that the wall exists but at that time it was impossible to see it.

In the darkness of the war our freedom was born the seventh day. So it’s of course a reference to the six day war but also to the fact that the seventh day was the rest of God.