77605 - The Legacy of the Crusades

Ν. Lygeros

It is simply impossible to understand the size of the Legacy of the Crusades. They represent a complex manifold of faith, history and strategy. We need chronostrategy to fully imagine their impact. It’s not a question of historical data because the tail of the events belongs to a chameleon. To be more concise, we can say that there is a strong component of memory of future in this Legacy. The crusade is a more abstract object of civilization which goes beyond the boundaries of many societies. Due to that, crusade is a part of the history of Mankind. That’s why we shouldn’t restrict this term to something which is specific only to few centuries. Because even in that case we have to consider at least two extensions of this core. But it’s better to consider the sense of the crusade as an abduction of this initial blend of history and strategy because it’s impossible to avoid the transcendental part of faith. The sword of crusade is an alloy of truth and freedom. There is no relation with any social or even fake peace. The crusade is definitely a characteristic of the mentation of the warriors of Mankind against barbarity.