77486 - The difference of freedom

N. Lygeros

Peace is made with the same matter. Any difference is forbidden. On the contrary freedom allows the difference. In that sense, freedom is a human blend. And peace is only a social product. If you understand that peace is artificial and freedom is essential, you will continue the struggle of Mankind against barbarity. With freedom the difference makes the difference. With peace there is no difference. Freedom is always different but always with Mankind. Peace is always the same but always against Mankind. If you can’t see you will be a victim or a perpetrator but never a Righteous. Societies want the same thing and Mankind requests the difference. That’s why giftness is possible in Mankind but considered by the societies as a deviation. Societies make another projection. They consider that the world must be like them. And they want to impose this point of view. The difference of freedom is responsible for the creation of diversity. And if Humanity is so rich it’s due to this diversity which is possible only in a free world.