77484 - True freedom and fake peace

N. Lygeros

Tawpies believe in fake peace. But it’s not due to the fact that it is easy. They prefer lies. They are afraid of truth. So we have an opposition between true freedom and fake peace. It reminds us the choice between Jesus Christ and Barabas. Societies prefer Barabas. They want the usual not the exceptional because it’s a way to support their arbitrary rules. It’s always the same. They avoid the old past and the new future. They trust only present because they control it. And this point is crucial for the peace and especially the fake. It doesn’t provoke any change. So the present can be eternal. For societies, Barabas is a gift. He has the same nature. There is no question. But Jesus -Christ  is a revolution. Nothing in what he says can be related to them. His light is for all classes so none of them has a meaning. Peace is comfortable and freedom subversive  for the system which is the core of societies. That’s why peace has such a big correlation with the existence of lies and fake news. But freedom needs only truth.