77483 - The religion of peace

N. Lygeros

The partisans of dictatorships are always believers of peace. They know that pacifism is a weapon of society which is always against the history of Mankind. Its basic characteristics are indifference about the victims and submission to the perpetrators. Of course it seems to be a way to avoid the problems but at the end there is no escape. In fact you belong to the problem and never to the solution. Peace is a religion which is used by barbarity to persuade innocent people that they should avoid any move. Because a move could create a change and break the equilibrium. But the reality is quite different. The system is afraid for itself. So peace is a protection for its existence. On the opposite, freedom can create the conditions to end this system, to break its wall. No matter if it is nazism, communism or any other dictatorship against Mankind, peace is always a tool or even a weapon for them but never freedom. So if you are really a warrior of Mankind against barbarity , you can feel in your chest the love of freedom and you can see the light of the faith. You will never be in peace because you decided to be a part of the shield of the innocent people. This is your duty for their freedom.