77481 - For freedom, we need only war

N. Lygeros

Maybe it’s a paradox for your mind but you have to understand that for freedom, we need only war. Because peace produces war but never freedom. To be free, it’s not a state. Freedom needs a dynamical approach, an act of resistance against the system or even a revolution against the dictatorship. Peace is always easy and freedom always tough. But this is the way we see our lives in Mankind. Barbarity considers that peace is the state of art of its method. Because you need a gifted mind to realize that it’s a jail at the level of the world. Can you imagine the present if WWII had finished with the victory of the nazism? Can you realize the nature of our world with the victory of communism in the Cold War? It’s easy to talk about the nazi peace or the communist peace but it’s impossible to do the same with freedom. The foundation of freedom is incompatible with the principles of those systems. This is the reason why freedom is so dangerous for them since they want to control everything and everyone.