48004 - Both France and the USA at the EastMed Forum

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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France’s presence in the Eastern Mediterranean is becoming increasingly perceptible.
Of course she was already present at the tripartite between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, together with Italy.
However it has now made a formal request in order to participate in the EastMed Forum, at which Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Cyprus and Palestine will convene.
Consequently, we see that the signing of the natural gas pipeline between Greece, Cyprus and Israel served as a catalyst, and very positive developments have occurred for the entire Eastern Mediterranean region.
With this request from France, we simultaneously had coordinated moves from the USA .
Because the USA has requested to enhance their presence at the EastMed Forum Ministerial Session, and as a permanent observer at that.
Therefore, whatever may be said on the part of the Turkish propaganda, we see that the entire allied context is formed without her, and it’s increasingly shielded by both France and the USA.
After all, within the two marine regions, West of Crete and Southwest of Crete, both ExxonMobil and Total belong within the same consortium along with the Hellenic Petroleum.
As a result, we have a double enhancement for Greece.