47819 - The preparation for the Tripartite between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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After the signature for the EastMed natural gas pipeline, we are observing a catalytic context which configures the next moves.
That’s how the setup of the Greek Prime Minister’s meeting with the American President changed, but it also managed to turn the Tripartite between Greece, Cyprus and Egypt into a Pentalateral through the additional presence of France and Italy, which traditionally function within an allied and strategic context which has become enhanced by the cooperation of the Total and Eni oil companies within the EEZ of Cyprus.
Therefore, even before the three countries came into contact for this meeting, they became five, because the other two countries see the common benefits and will be actively involved in initiatives which will be taken at the level of strategy and energy.
We see therefore, that the intergovernmental agreement between Greece, Cyprus and Israel has helped this new alliance, which of course functions supplementally towards the same direction, since we are talking about the security of the region, about the exploitation of the resources, the undivided legal context of the Law of the Sea, and specifically for the delimitation of our EEZ, but as well for a military alliance which comes upon this mutual platform, in order to protect a common approach towards the future for the Eastern Mediterranean.