47715 - The signing ceremony in Zappeion

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

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The signing ceremony in Zappeion between Greece, Cyprus and Israel was not merely historic but also beautiful.
The co-ordination of the three heads of State, even in regards to the dress code, not only wasn’t accidental, but was rather symbolic at that, which was indicative of the corrective action taken in connection to all the attempted delays which took place due to an erroneous ideology.
The three countries have created a durable context which has been enhanced by the European Commission, since it has paid 50% even for the latest research.
Now we will have the addition of Italy, but that of Egypt as well.
In other words, we are at the beginning and not at the end of a process.
And this was clearly obvious by the three heads of State.
We were also pleased because there was a reference made to the previous ministers of energy, who had participated in this vision, overcoming the political party obstacles.
Therefore, we really experienced a historic day which created a strategic ramification.
Consequently, we have an actual fact which transcends previous incidents and results to history production.