47695 - The new period of the Greek EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklesi

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With the multiple signing of all the states which participate and are in the course of the EastMed natural gas pipeline, we enter into a new period for the Greek EEZ. It is a significant step in the implementation of a vision of decades. Because even the pipeline went through a phase of distrust especially by the defeatists and the raya people who never believed neither in our strengths nor in the initiatives we would take to overcome difficulties and obstructions. Now that we have with us Egypt, Israel, Italy and Cyprus without forgetting the actual role they play, so much France as that of the USA, we have come to a level where to not believe what is happening you must have retardation, whatever this might be. The energy chessboard of the Greek EEZ gets justified by the level of action of the players which now have common interests for the development of the Eastern Mediterranean in correlation with the energy needs of the European Union. So the predominant role of Greece starts to become obvious especially when we combine this with that of Cyrus in the situation overall. The new period for the Greek EEZ started and we no longer have to convince the unfaithful.